My Daily Skincare Routine

Hello My Lovelies!

Today I thought I'd go through my daily facial routine. I have been using this regime for around 6 months now an so far has been working a treat. I would say I am a combination to dry skin type but this routine is suitable for anyone! 

Step One
I wash my face well using warm water and pat dry with a soft towel. 
I do not use any facial makeup (i.e, foundation, concealer, highlighter) so I have no need to use a Cleanser. However if you do, I would recommend 'Clique Take The Day Off Balm'. 
Now that my face is clean I start by using 'Simple Kind To Eyes Soothing Eye Balm'. I squeeze a tiny blob onto the tip of my little finger and gently wipe below my eye and on my eyelid. I pat softly until it has sunk in.
I really like this product because It gives me the pick-me-up my eyes need, especially in the morning after a bad sleep or in the evening when I've had a hectic day. 

Step Two
Next I use 'Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner'. I generously cover a makeup pad and massage upwards in circular motions, all over my face. Remember to avoid your eyes! You definitely don't want any exfoliate/toner near your eye area!
For someone who has very sensitive skin, and can't use harsh, beady exfoliates/cleansers, this is a god send! My face feels fresh and clean. An amazing but slightly more pricey product that I like to alternate with it the 'Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner'.

Step Three
I always follow by using 'Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moistursier'. I squirt a small blob (hehe... blob) onto my finger tips and massage in a circular motion all over my face. Be careful not to pull at your skin.
I love this product so much. A lot of moisturizers make your face feel heavy and greasy. However, this is so light on your face and sinks in within a couple of minutes. 

Step Three
I am very lucky, for I very rarely get a spot. But at some poit, everyone does so if I feel one coming (that sounds a tad dodgy) I dab on a bit of 'Freederm gel' a few times a day and usually it disappears pretty quickly.

Step Four
Now, I have a horrible habit of biting my lip. Whether, I'm nervous, happy or just plain bored, I'm biting my lips. Therefore I have to use Vaseline religiously several times a day. Now i know it doesn't look or taste appetizing like other lip balms, but this really will work, I promise! It returns my kissable lips to their full glory (not to brag or anything...).

So there you have it. My daily skincare routine. I hope you found this helpful! Don't forget to check out my Twitter, Tumblr, etc on the right!

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All My Love

***DISCLAIMER. I have no rights at all to the products featured at all. I have most definitely not been paid or received any type of gift/profits from featuring these products. I have not been asked to advertise the products featured in any way.***


DIY White Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate - Simple & Easy Recipie

Hello My Lovelies!

Today, I thought i'd do a DIY post. This is to make 'White Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate'. I promise I did try to come up with a catchy name but my creative skills had evaded me so as you can see, you're stuck with that!

For this recipe you will need:
Instant Hot Chocolate (Cadbury's works best!)
Cinnamon Powder
1 White Terry s Chocolate Orange

And for decoration:
Whipped Cream

Step One
Measure out milk by poring it into cups first and then into a pan. Warm slowly on a medium heat while steering. DON'T let it boil!

Step Two
Add the recommended amount of Hot Chocolate Powder to the milk and continue to stir until well mixed. 

Step Three
Break up the chocolate orange and chop up the segments. Add till you get the desired taste. Usually about 3-5 segments per cup, depending on how chocolatey you want it to taste. Stir well until chocolate is melted.

Step Four
Add your cinnamon powder to the mixture and stir well. I'd say about 1/2 a teaspoon per cup but of course more if you wish!

Step Five
Pour mixture into cups. Be careful not to burn yourself! Squirt whipped cream on top and add marshmallows. Sprinkle cinnamon powder for that extra Christmasy taste!

So there you have it! A festive White Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate which is quick and easy to make! I hope you all have fun making yours and enjoyed this blog post! Have fun sipping these on Christmas Eve! 

All My Love

P.S. Thanks to the wonderful Michael who put up with me snapping away while he impatiently waited to drink his! 


The Ultimate Christmas Playlist

Hello My Lovelies!

I think the must-have for getting you into that festive mood is Christmas music. I think its what makes this time of year just so heart-warming. Nothing cheers you up like a good old Christmas-sing-along. So here is my Ultimate Christmas Playlist!

8 - “All I Want For Christmas Is You” – Mariah Carey
This is just a must have on your Christmas playlist. You know you're that person who sings  along and tries to hit that high note. Its ok, I am too! 

7. War Is Over - John Lennon 

After all the glitz and the glamour this song really sums up Christmas. I sometimes feel guilty when I listen to it because I am so lucky to have a Christmas when others don't. The lyrics really melt my heart. 

6. White Christmas - Bing Crosby.
This is just a classic. Much like War Is Over, it melts my heart and is just perfect for snuggling on the sofa with a glass of mulled wine snuggled into your loved one.

. 5. Winter Wonderland - Michael Buble

Everybody knows this song, even the kids. I really love all of Michael Buble's Christmas album. His voice is fantastic and if you haven't already bought it, go get it!

4. Baby, It's Cold Outside - Bing Crosby & Doris Day

Crosby makes it again into my playlist! I think this song is adorable and hold some lovely memories. It reminds me of dancing round the kitchen with my grandpa. It always brightens my mood!

3. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Frank Sinatra

Ah, the voice of Sinatra! I love this song SO much. I love staying traditional and I think this is just the one to wrap your arms around your loved one and have a little cuddle. 

2. I Wish It Could be Christmas Everyday - Wizzard

This song I think is just the perfect song for everyone to get together. Its such a happy Christmas song which fills you with that warm festive glow. And I want you all to be happy at Christmas time. No one should ever be sad at Christmas!

1. Fairytale In New York - The Pouges

This is my favorite Christmas song ever! Fairytale In New York holds some special memories for me. However I think this song just sums up Christmas. It's a laugh to sing and has a rather cute duet. 

Hope you are all well! I'd love to hear what your favorite Christmas songs are, comment below! Don't forget to check out all my social media!

All My Love


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree! - Ideas For Decorating Your Tree

Hello my lovelies!

Firstly I would like to apologize for not posting for the last few days. I have gone against my Blogmas promise and for that I am deeply sorry. In the time that has passed I have had some problems to deal with but now that's over I'm back in the Christmas spirit! 

Today I want to talk about Christmas trees! Now, when it comes to this festive time of year I am very much a traditional person. I have always and will always have a green tree. Artificial or real, I just feel it is only right. 

I usually stick to the same sort or decoration themes too. These include red, gold, green and white. This year I decided to go for a red and gold theme. 

On my Christmas tree I like to have a consistent theme which is much better for someone on a budget. However, I mix and match looks so pretty if you have that extra few pennies to spend. Individual baubles can be found at every supermarket and I find most garden centers do the cutest baubles ever! These individual baubles usually cost around £2-£3.50 each. 

I do however have a few tips which are low-cost and really do make your Christmas Tree look better than the rest!

Biscuit Baubles
Something I do every single year without fail is make Biscuit Baubles. All you need is a simple (or your favorite) biscuit mix and some cutters. If you pop down to your local supermarket, you can buy some Christmas themed cutters (i.e Tree, Present, Bauble, Star, etc.). Once you've cut out your shapes, use a some thing circular (I use a pen lid) to cut out a hole at the top of your shape. Once you've baked them and let the cool, you can ice them. I prefer to use white icing and pipe it on in different patterns/shapes. After the icing has set, thread some ribbon through the little hole you cut out earlier and you're good to go!

Ribbons & Bows
If you pop down to your local haberdashery (your local supermarket might have some too!) buy a few meters of wide ribbon. You can cute this down and tie it in bows and add them to your Christmas tree. I really like this because it feels traditional and looks very cute! 

Candy Canes
This is another food decoration but Candy Canes just scream Christmas. You can find them anywhere and everywhere as soon as the festive season starts. You could hang them as they are on a branch or tie a little ribbon round it (oh how I do love bows!) to make it look especially pretty!

I hope you liked this post and look forward to more for Blogmas!

All My Love


Christmas At Starbucks!

Hello My Lovelies! 

I wait all year round for the Festive Drinks at Starbucks and boy, did they not disappoint! 

Gingerbread Latte
This is my ultimate favorite Christmas drink! I cannot stress how scrumptious this is. It's everything Christmas in a drink.
"The flavour of a freshly baked gingerbread cookie swirled with our smooth espresso and velvety 
steamed milk; topped with whipped cream and ground nutmeg."

Toffee Nut Latte
This comes a very close second to the Gingerbread Latte. The sweetness of the toffee fills you with warmth. The balance of nut and toffee is perfection and is great for those cold mornings to work.
"The rich, buttery flavour of sweet toffee is combined with the warmth of toasted nuts and blended with our smooth espresso and velvety steamed milk; topped with whipped cream and Toffee Nut Sprinkles."

Orange Mocha
This is a new one this year and I love it! If you could imagine Terry's Chocolate Orange mixed with creamy coffee, this is it! Its a really different feel to Christmas but I think its a great twist!
"A classic combination of chocolate and orange. Our classic Caffe Mocha with a twist of orange flavour. Topped with sweetened whipped cream and swirls of mocha sauce."

Eggnog Latte
Now, everyone always raves about this drink and although I do think it's nice, for me its nothing special. The odd time I have bought it I have not been able to finish it because I get bored of the taste. But do try it! Who knows? Could be your favorite. 
"A truly unique beverage to Starbucks – back by popular demand. Espresso mixed with rich steamed eggnog, topped with ground nutmeg."

I hope December is treating you well and the stress isn't too much! So when you're out shopping, if you have time take out 10 minutes to sit down with one of these!

All My Love


Favorite Lush Christmas Products

Hello My Lovelies!

It's Day 4 of Blogmas, yay! Now, a couple of days ago I went into Lush and went a little crazy. I get really excited for the Lush Christmas Products as they only come once a year so its good to stock up. I thought I'd mention a few of my favorites. They make great presents and stocking fillers. Or you could treat yourself and have a lovely soak to wash away the stress that Christmas brings!

Snow Globe
This soap is just divine! It smells of lemon myrtle and lemon grass. Its fruity and is just heaven to the nose. I think it also looks really pretty too!

Firstly, how cute are these! Squeeee!They are so lovely and I always feel so bad for using them! But I tell you now, it is so worth it! These just ooze Christmas; they smell of creamy alpine. It softens your skin leaving it feel moisturized. The only downside to this is its impossible to break up if you want to save some for another time. 

For starters, I love Lush lip balms all together because they hydrate your lips so well without leaving them feeling sticky. The Eggsnog lip balm is by far the best! I stock up on it every year. With Vanilla, Cinnamon and a hint of lemon, this will make you the most popular person under the mistletoe this year!
P.S. I am sorry this is not my picture of the product as when I came to writing this blog I had already opened it and didnt want to photograph it like that. This is from the Lush website and all rights are to Lush.

Candy Mountain
This Vanilla scented bubble bar is just fabulous! I love it because it makes you bath water a baby pink. Also on top of the thousands of bubbles it makes, there is a cute pink mist. Candy Mountain is also a great one to add a bit of fun to bath time with little ones! 

Snow Fairy
The final product I'm going to talk about it Snow Fairy Shower Gel. It is quite different to a lot of other Christmas products as it isn't spicy. Snow Fairy is intensely sweet and fruity! When I smelt it in the shop I wasn't to sure on it as I felt it could be quite overpowering. But once lathered up in the shower, the balance is just right.

Other Lush Christmas Products that I adore are: 

Lord of Misrule


I do hope you have a lovely trip to Lush so you can try these products! Look forward to Day 5 of Blogmas! 

All My Love 

Christmas Present Wrapping Ideas

Hello my lovelies!

So for my second day of #BLOGMAS I thought I would share with you a few of my Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas!

When it comes to wrapping presents I like to go all out. However, that doesn't mean you have to break the bank! If you hunt around the shops you can find great deals; especially online too! 

I am a very traditional wrapper and think brown paper looks beautiful. I gives it that original and vintage edge that I think Christmas should always have! 

Bakers Twine
My first idea is Baking Twine. This is my favorite because it is SO Christmasy! You can find it in all haberdasheries and hobby shops - especially during the festive season.
You can get it in any colour online but my favorite for Christmas is red and green - keeping it traditional colours.
It looks lovely wrapped round and then tied in a bow or this design that stuck at the bottom with sticky-tape and add one of those little star bows where all the strings join. 

Lots Of Dots
This really easy way of making those pressies look great without spending any money. Using some paint you have around, use the end of a pencil to dab dots over the wrapping. I particularly like this on kids presents as it makes it more colourful and interesting for their little eyes. 
You could also try adding stickers if you're too busy to use paint. 

Doilies and Lace 
If you want to go for something a bit different this is a great idea. They make presents look really cute and add a bit of class if your giving a glamorous present to a glamorous person! Mix and match, play around and find out what looks best!

I hope you found this useful and December is treating you well! 

All My Love
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