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My name is Sophie and I have been blogging about all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle since 2013. So far it has been a crazy rollercoaster that seems to be only going up! This is a collection of my bubbling thoughts so that you can hopefully learn a bit more about me.

Since 2013, my blog has only grown and grown. I have been given some amazing opportunities and had the chance to work with some of my favourite companies including; My Little Box, Benefit, Cowshed, Balance Me and Lush. I am so proud at how my readership has grown and the amazing community we have here. 

My aim is to share with you my tips, tricks and thoughts, so you leave a little lighter, happier and motivated to go and do something.

I am a published writer and photographer, but firstly a student (English Lit & Publishing to be exact), bumbling through the higher education system to get to my dream career. 

Aside from my blog, you won't catch me anywhere without a camera snapping away.
I enjoy filling my time with reading, watching Disney, eating macarons, drinking iced-coffee and constantly wishing I was born in the 50's! I love spending time with the people close to me, and if you have been reading Deadly Is The Female for a few years then you will be well acquainted with my very best chums. I am a collector of cameras, vinyls, typewriters and most importantly a connoisseur of mugs. I never have my head out of a book. As soon as one is finished, another begins. I own so many, I really do think I could start up my own library! When I'm not taking pictures, or my nose is in a book, or fiddling around with some instrument, I am usually paintbrush behind the ear or sat behind a sewing machine. 

Now you know so much about me! If you made it to the end, thank you! I hope you have the most wonderful day. Do stick around!

All My Love

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