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July Favourites

Hi Lovelies,
Erm, what? August already?! Surely not...
Espadrilles are just the perfect summer footwear. They go with pretty much everything and comfy as hell. I think the variety on the market is pretty extraordinary at the moment, ranging from standard to flatform, to wedges. They have been my go-to shoe over the past month, and I've picked up quite a few pairs. My favourite being this snazzy ivory pair featuring a cute cacti print. Major footwear appreciation!
P.S. Espadrilles are NOT wet-weather suitable... rookie mistake.
Gourmand EDP Citron Glace Fragrance
Everyone loves to smell good, right? I interchange so much between scents that I never really have a 'signature scent'. Yet when I was in an Urban Outfitters back in May I spotted these little bottles (mostly because their exterior is so Instagram-able!). I played around with the different scents, and surprisingly for a high street brand, they were great! I picked up this particular one and have been obsessed…

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