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LUSH Perfumes || Amelie Mae

I doubt you'll have had to be here very long to realise that I'm a huge Lush fan, and I don't think that's hard to work out why. The greatest leader for ethical products in the cosmetic industry, in my opinion, they really don't get enough credit!
Yet a range that had evaded me is the Gorilla Perfumes.

In 2008, a magazine referred to Lush founder Mark Constantine and son Simon as ‘guerrilla perfumers’. Simon’s brother Jack responded by suggesting that ‘Gorilla’ might be a more appropriate epithet for them and the name stuck; in 2010, the first album of Gorilla Perfumes was released to the public.
The Gorilla Perfumes are expressions of creativity produced in-house, rather than formulas bought in en masse. Using essential oils in their creation, musicians and a vast network of artists, ecologists and environmentalists inspire, and often collaborate with, Gorilla Perfumes.

I'm not sure why I never picked one up before. I think Lush can be overwhelming for the senses …

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