My Little Bubble Box

Hello Lovelies,

These month's come around so quickly, I can't believe we're nearly into April! This months installment of My Little Box sported bright spring colours and a pop of fun...

I will be honest, I wasn't a massive fan of this month's theme. It seemed a bit pointless. Not that I didn't like it, it just wasn't my favourite. However, that didn't mean they disappointed on the beauty department...

Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara
If you already have quite thick lashes like me, the two-tone brush is perfect for getting in and coating every lash. With definitely a build-able formula, you can go from sleek to fully glam lashes with just a few coats. The studded style packaging isn't for me - but it's about the product inside, and I highly recommend! This company does however test on animals so this isn't for you if you are cruelty-free.

Garancia Pschitt Magique Facial Spray
I am a huge fan of facial sprays, and have a whole box of them that I swap between. But I haven't found one that top's the rest. This French cult favourite is definitely a contender! It smoothens, brightens and revives the skin meaning that looks glowing before you've even dabbled your brush.

Beauty Blender
I must admit, I've not seen the massive attraction to the beauty blender hyper. Its just a sponge that hoards all the nasty crap you put on your face. Not to mention for those with bad skin, its just going to cultivate bacteria and make it worse. With all that said, I can see the attraction. This cute little Parisian take adapts beautifully to the skin, and I must say dabbing this is rather therapeutic. For a foundation wearer, I can definitely see this causing some achey arms though.

Swinging London Eyeliner
If you want the full Amy Winehouse look, then go back to black with this eyeliner felt pen. Packed full of pigment, this is all about being bold. If you're someone who likes a sleek flick, this isn't for you.

Bubble Blush Lip & Cheek Tint
Now that spring is officially here, we need to start bringing colour back into our lives, and most definitely to out complexion. I would argue that this isn't the best for lips, and would avoid that, but a couple of drops on your cheeks of this and you will look pretty in pink.

This month I felt was slightly lacking on the lifestyle items. I missed the Kanako prints.

The Anti-Bad-Hair-Day Brush
This is a brush. Bog-standard. Does the job. Although, it is the perfect size for your handbag...

All My Love

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Letter To Winter

Dear Winter,

In September last year I wished for your coming, and now we're in 2016 all I can wish for is your departure. 

I have enjoyed you this time around Winter. I embraced you for what you are, as we all should. I took pleasure from morning fog and crisp leaves under my feet. Although, one cannot deny the love felt in my duvet kingdom; toasty-warm tootsies on a Sunday morning, eating breakfast in bed with my love, or immersing myself in a good book. Your icy breath made those moments even more poignant. 
I also want to say thank you for the festivities. This year I felt the spirit of things more than ever before. My role in the kitchen flourished, and my wrapping skills were as exemplary as ever.
This winter I valued the little things; hugs from loved ones, warmth from the fire, the sound of children laughing, my grandpa topping up the wine and the smell of my apple spice candle. 
Layers are everything for me. Fashion this winter was all about that. I have lived in my jumpers, cardigans and Eskimo coats. Your cousin, Summer, seems to think that it is all about the exceeding ratio of skin to clothes. You don't think that though. You like layers. I like layers... layers are good.

As you fade away Winter, I feel almost bereaved. The frost becomes teardrop-dewdrops, and the barren branches become blooming buds. I feel you aren't as valued as your cousin, but know that I cherished your stay. I am saddened by your retreat, and almost wish for a few moments longer in your presence. But people come and go, all good things come to an end, and seasons must change.

Until next time my old friend - 

All My Love

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DIY Terrarium

Hello Lovelies,

Nothing makes a house feel a home more than the addition of plants. If you are anything like me, then you love the great outdoors. I always try to bring as much of it inside with me. But talking practically, not all of us have time have time to stock up on fresh flowers every few days or have green-fingers to maintain healthy plants.

Building your own miniature garden in glass is the ideal way to infuse some country garden feel into even the smallest city spaces. So whether you are an avid gardener who is short on space or someone whose green fingers aren’t quite up to scratch, get in on the trend for a low maintenance way to bring the beauty of nature inside your home.

Terrariums are one of the fastest growing trends in interior design. Featured in decor magazines constantly, you can pay anything from £5 to £50+ for one.  These stylish, yet affordable, d├ęcor pieces are the perfect way for giving even the less creative individuals among us the opportunity to get inventive.

You will need:
Watertight Terrarium/Glass Fishbowl
Appropriate Compost
Fresh Sphagnum Moss
Mosaic glass/Mirrored pieces (optional)

Start off by layering your sand/stones. These particular ones are actually meant for an aquarium, which I think I bought from Pets At Home. You can also purchase these online. A great tip is that instead of trying to pour them in straight from the bag, I used an old soup spoon to scoop them in. This means the glass doesn't get damaged and your layers stay neat.Try to keep a contrast in both size and colour so the layers really stand out.

It is important to make sure your moss and compost are towards the top as that is what your plants need cultivate in. When you're happy with your stone layers, place a layer of Sphagnum Moss on top. This is important because it retains water so allows your plants to conserve their supply when we are a little forgetful.

Next you need to spoon in a thick layer of compost and make little wells corresponding with the number and size of your plants. Break of the excess soil from your plants, splay out the roots, and place in the well. Cover roots with more compost.
Spoon any more layers of stones/sand on top and finish with mirrored/mosaic pieces.

Terrarium plants are extremely easy to care for and virtually impossible to kill, so you can still enjoy that holiday away. Just make sure you water little & often and don't put in direct sunlight. As well as looking great it is also proven that Terrarium plants improve the air inside your home, so there is an added bonus for your health too.
And if you're not that great with plants, you could make it even simpler by placing already plotted plants inside and decorating with washi tape!

Let me know below if you liked this style of post, and how you incorporate plant's into your decor!

All My Love

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My Little Home Box

Hello Lovelies!

Another month, another delivery from My Little Box. February's installment is featured around home and decor - my favourite thing! It's not something I talk about often on here but I am a homeware-holic. Take me homeware shopping over clothes any day!

I love the minimalist vibe that MLB were aiming for with this installment. This sweet little issue of their magazine was filled with great inspiration, chic design insights from Parisian guru Constance Gennari, plenty of DIY ideas and the magic of tidying up in 5 minutes. 

Frame/Kanako Print
Kanako's prints are always one of my favourite part of each installment. Relevant to the theme, they are always something that you simply cannot wait to frame. But this time, they already did that in this lovely Columbia blue frame. Keeping with the minimalist theme, the sleek design is perfect for any room in the house.

Mitchell & Peach Body Cream
Filled with vitamin B5, Almond Oil and surges of antioxidants, this sends a torrent of nourishment your way. Filled with indulgent Cocoa and Shea butter, topped with an aroma of sweet-honey, this is the ultimate pampering product. There is just something incredibly rewarding and satisfying about putting this on your skin.

Easy Morning Skin Perfecting Cream
Another simple yet satisfying product from My Little Beauty. Definitely on the more richer side of creams, this is perfect if your skin is in need of some tlc. Its perfect for these colder months, and with being in New York this has done no end of wonders. With just a hint of iridescent powder, this is perfect for those non-foundation wearers like me who want radiant looking skin.

Cushion Cover
A very different product for MLB to feature, I was incredibly impressed. Made from durable fabric, and an envelope design, it's incredibly versatile. I simply adore the colours on the cover.

Let me know down below if you are obsessed with interior design, and if so - what sort of themes do you love?

All My Love

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