The Year Of Blogging: 2015 Resolutions

Hello Lovelies!

I cannot believe a whole year has passed since my 2014 New Years Resolutions! It was the first time I had ever set resolutions and I will be honest, I forgot about them pretty quickly - a trap that most people fall into. 

So before I go ahead with all the "promises" that I'm going to make, I want to reflect on my last Year Of Blogging, and what my favourite moments were.

Inspired by Louise, Motivational Mondays were a series of posts through the year, aimed to brighten up miserable Mondays, and motivate the blogging scene. It faded in and out but in 2015 I want to aim for 1 a month (as well as all my usual content).

Although not my most fancy post, this was special for me because it captured a memory. I made his honeycomb (and then White Chocolate and Honeycomb Cookies) with my little cousin Bee. I'm looking forward to the things planned for the New Year to do with her.

November was a really good month for me and and I was really proud of this post. I am not a poser and definitely do not enjoy being photographed (something i'll mention more later on). I wanted to give a go at a favourites post that are so popular within blogging. I was really proud of myself for putting aside my anxieties and self-consciousness and stepping out of my comfort zone. I was happy with how this post turned out.

Although this is not something I have talked about on here really yet, I went to Chicago in July. I met over 500 amazing people that I still keep in touch with and completely changed my life. I came back from Hoby a changed person and a completely different outlook on life. I am closer to C1 than I am to some people Ive known for years. With friends in every corner of the globe, in 2015 I can visit some of them. Love and yeet to them all.


Be More Organised!
Over the past couple of months I've really had a mental kick and really started to focusing on planning. I was living very much day-to-day and it really wasn't helping anxiety or my life in general. I want to carry my organised-ness into 2015 because there are so many exciting things on the horizon and I want to be ready for them!

Healthier Brain, Healthier Body
I had a resolution last year to be more healthy (don't we all?) and I feel I did achieve i in some ways. I mean I went through 2 gyms but linking with my goal above, I want it to become a more routine thing. I have no goal to loose weight or only eat rabbit food, I just want to have a healthier brain and body. So that means weekly workouts and more regulated sections of each food group, and I'm excited for it!

Love Myself!
Everyone is guilty of putting themselves down one way or another, some more than others. I think the real way to live a fulfilled life is to be truly accepting and happy with yourself. I don't think anyone can truly love another or be loved if they don't even love themselves - deep I know! I want to be body confident and to be able to accept a compliment. I want to be able to smile in pictures. But most of all I want to be happy with what I'm writing on here. Deadly Is The Female has been my escape for so long and as its grown more successful, I become apprehensive of what to write about or what I thought people would want to read. But in truth, if I am happy with the content that's on here, whats the problem? I'm proud of all of my content and how this blog has grown. 

To finish off, I want to thank all of you who read this. From something that started off so small, It has grown to be something I am so incredibly proud of. None of that would be possible if it wasn't for you lovelies who read this!
I also want to thank my dearest chummies, Danielle, Leah and Jade, who consistently have supported me on this roller-coaster when I doubted myself. You are the greatest friends I could as for.

Enough of the soppyness - this has been a long one! I hope 2014 has been as good for you as it has been for me and 2015 is even better!

All My Love

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