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Hello Lovelies!

It seems like forever since I was last here! Sorry for my lack of posting. I've been working hard and have some very exciting things in the pipeline for us, so do keep a look out!

"The secret of getting ahead, is getting started." - Mark Twain

What I want to talk to you today is slightly complicated, and a bit jumbled inside my noggin, but I'm just going to write as it comes - the best way.

We all go through periods of time where we doubt ourselves. We doubt our choices, regret our decisions, usually because we look and the decisions and often successes of others, and compare ourselves to them.

Often the future can seem daunting too. I know that when I have deadlines to meet, tasks to fill, or upcoming events that trigger my anxiety, I try to block them out. It's easy to hide them away in the back of your mind, where you don't have to worry about them.

But none of it stops our determination. Everyone wants to do well, whatever it is. No one woke up and said "I want to be average." But yet so many lack the motivation and self belief to challenge themselves; to get ahead

If you never start, how can you finish? If you never strive, then how can you achieve? 

You cannot allow yourself to be jealous or wistful of other people's accomplishments if you never tried yourself.

*que corny analogy*

Usain Bolt did not stand at the start line, hear the starting pistol, and just stare wistfully at others nearing the finish line. When the starting pistol fired, he ran. He didn't wait a while to size-up his competition. He didn't watch how others did it. He just ran. He knew his goal and he started running and didn't look back.

None of us can change the past, because that has already happened; and you can't worry about the future, because it hasn't happened yet! What I'm trying to say, is if you want change in your life, if you want to succeed, if you what to get ahead, then you have to start NOW. Not tomorrow, or the day after, NOW.

If you have a goal, the only way of achieving it is to start.

I hope I conveyed to you what I felt and didn't ramble too much! Thank you for reading and I hope you really do have a wonderful week.

Let me know below what you're having trouble getting started with!

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