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As you all know lipsticks are rather an obsession of mine! Yet having such big lips, its often hard to find one that both is a beautiful colour, suits my porcelain complexion, and doesn't make me look like a clown.

Red is my go-to colour, always has been. But when I was in The Body Shop a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't take my eyes off this little gem!

Colour Crush™ Shine Lipstick, in the shade Breathless Berry, opened a whole new door for me. The Body Shop has always been a good place for me to go for products (having such sensitive skin as I've mentioned before). However, their lipsticks have always been something that I've just glanced at and I have no clue why!

The first thing I was to talk about here is the scent. I don't think I have ever smelt a lipstick that smelt so good! Usually brands try to add scents to lip products so they don't just smell like rubbery wax - yet still, however hard they may try, do. It has a delicate rose fragrance, with no hints of rubbery wax. 

As I have mentioned before, red is my go-to colour. So anything other than that is seriously out of my comfort zone. I'm always being told my friends that I shouldn't waste having voluptuous lips and wear a range of colour - but its just hard for me.

When I tried this shade on in the shop I did a little dance and screamed "YES, YES YES!".... in my head of course. I felt SO good - a rarity for me when trying lipsticks on.

The formulae of this product is pretty much perfect. Its creamy but not so much that your lips are sliding about. What I love that its not heavily pigmented. With the crushed pigments, its very build-able. Starting off from just a slight blush of colour on the lips to a statement lipstick. As a suffer of dry lips, this conditions and moisturises the lips so you don't feel like you've dipped your lips in powder, like you can with some lipsticks.

Can we also just take a moment to talk about the packaging?! Materialistic I know, but this is definitely the most beautiful lipstick packaging I have ever seen. This is my new favourite - even more that YSL. I adore the silver metal bullet with the Body Shop logo etched in, but thats not even the best part. ROSE GOLD. I could cry a little.

Retailing at £10.00 for 3.5g, I think that is a ridiculously good price! You are not going to get better value for money on the high street I don't think.

Let me know below or via my links what you thought of this post, what you think of this product if you have it, and you favourite lipsticks - especially those that are a bit out of your comfort zone!

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