Lush Valentines Day Favourites 2015

Hello Lovelies,

It's almost that time of year again - Valentines Day! Whether you're spending it with a partner or sitting watching Love Actually with your girlfriends eating Ben & Jerry's, the one thing everyone can look forward to is the Lush Exclusive Valentines Day Collection.

As you can see from my many blog posts featuring Lush, their products are a firm staple in my beauty collection. A firm advocate for ethical products, Lush use no products or suppliers that test on animals and use naked packaging to protect our beautiful world!

With some returning products and some brand new ones, I have picked my favourites from this years collection and thought I'd share with you what I thought!

Containing Frangipani Absolute, Organic Shea Butter, Geranium Oil and Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute, this bubbleroon will do wonders for your skin. The shea butter left my skin feeling mosturised and hydrated. This smushy little bubbleroon will turn your water a bright, passionate red, perfect for a little Valentine's soak. 
On another note, I have heard that the dye in this is incredibly strong, and those with blonde hair (especially naturals like me) have emerged from the bath with pink hair! As its not work the risk, I tied my hair up and didn't let it touch the water. I'd research that more though.

A top favourite for Lush this year, this bath bomb is just filled with essential oils. Even though the formulae of this is quite crumbly, I reckon you could get a few baths out of this if you're stingy with the product. I adore the floral scents (quite heavily fragranced so not for you if you prefer softer scents) and the rainbow of colour it produced in my bath! I must admit, the little pockets of yellow in the pink did put me off a bit as it resembles mould! But I assure you, there's nothing to worry about.

This lovely bubble bar will turn your bath water a lascivious red, and scent it with lemongrass, bergamot, jasmine and ylang ylang. There's also a coating of golden lustre on this bubble bar, which I wasn't too sure about. I usually avoid the glittery lush products, but I was pleasantly supposed. I think the beautiful scent won me over. I think you could get about 2 baths out of this - possibly 3 if you're sparing. and plenty of cornflour to keep your skin soft.

From what I've heard and when speaking to one of my friends who works in Lush, this has been the most popular Valentines Day exclusive product. At first, I couldn't really understand why. I'm not a big fan of bright colours, the candy stars, the design or bubble bars in general to be honest. I much prefer a bath bomb. However, whilst browsing in store for which ones I thought I'd love and want to share with you, the scent just won me over. It contains Ylang Ylang Oil, Neroli Oil and a very potent Lavender Oil. Many might find one overbearing, but because I love lavender, I do - and it seems others do too.

As I mentioned before, there are some products here that I haven't mentioned, either because they're reoccurring products from last year, or they just didn't take my fancy.

£4.75 - 100g
I bought this from last years range and just really didn't like it! I actually ended up throwing it away! with marshmallow root and vanilla, it was just far too sweet for me.

Also from last year, I purchased this and just wasn't a fan. I don't particularly like the candy hearts, and although it says you get 3 baths out of it, it just didn't wow me enough. Again very sweet scents.

New this year, I am a big fan of the Mint Julips lip scrub. However, this one features both sugar and salt, with also a lot harsher texture on the lips. This just didn't appeal to me.

£17.00 - 500g
This was actually first on my list to purchase. I am a huge fan of lush soaps because I suffer from breakouts of Eczema in the winter, I can't use synthetic soaps. Bergamot and rosewood work together to create a rich scent, whilst fresh figs, passion fruit juice and soya yoghurt nourish and soften the skin. I used it as soon as I got home and have every day since!

Let me know below what your favourite products from this range are and which ones you were glad to see not return!

I hope whatever you're doing this St Valentines Day is special!

All My Love


L'Occitane Precious Cream

Hello Lovelies!

In December, I received something in the post that made me very happy. To read more about that you can click here. But today, I want to talk to you about L'Occitane's Precious Cream. 

This winter, L'Occitane knocked everyone sideways with this cream, developed from Immortelle, a flower with amazing prolonging powers. Your skin will love it. Its essential oils are packed with active molecules, making it revolutionary in skincare, and above all, its triple action!

Ideal for normal to dry skin, the Immortelle Precious cream is a rich, smooth moisturiser which made my skin appear, rejuvinated, firmer and smoother like never seen before! At first I was weary of the formulae, having incredibly sensitive skin, but it just went on like a dream. Not to mention the fragrance of this to to die for!

If your skin is in desperate need of rejuvenating, this is a must-have product for you. Otherwise, it will only enhance your skin to give it a healthy glow you just wont find on the high street. This is definitely worth the money.

I just love this product! Thanks to MLB Company for sending me this!

Let me know below if you've tried this product, or even if you've found one that worked for you!

All My Love


Motivational Mondays || The Adventure Begins

Hello Lovelies!

We all knew this post would be about new beginnings. 

There's something about a new year thats special. In a sense, its just time passing - just like any other day. But I think people find solace in the change of the year. Its a time of reflection; celebrating the good of the past but also relinquishing the bad. New Year is full of cliches but I think cliches are called cliches because of how stupidly true they are.

Lots of people make resolutions at New Year (you can see mine here) and many of us never stick to them. But we make them because we recognise that change is good and it can make our lives better. It is a chance to re-evaluate your life and change things if you want to.

It is good to have goals and something to work towards because it helps us to grow and develop as people. I think it would be good if you took a couple of minutes to think about what you want out of 2015. Qualifications? A promotion? Travel? Addition to the family? Girls holiday? To read more? It doesn't have to be the pinnacle of your life, its all about the opportunities you can take and journey you're on.

When you set your mind to something, you really can achieve amazing things! Confidence, hard work and motivation will take you far - you just need the courage to take the first step. Be proud of last year, but look forward to the prospect of this new one.

Let 2015 be an adventure.

Motivational Monday #7 - What Makes Us Happy? 

All My Love

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Barking for Houndstooth

Hello Lovelies,

So recently Houndstooth, a fashion trend started in very late 19th century, has seemed to find its way back to our catwalks and clothing lines. This maximum impact pattern is ultra-mod with its classic black and white colour combination reminiscent of the “London lady” out of the late 50’s and 60’s era. This retro print has chic, city-girl flair, making the revival of this timeless look a favourite in Autumn/Winter collections! A controversial pattern, I find myself in a very much love-hate relationship. 

I feel that houndstooth (also referred to as 'dogstooth') can be both worn with class and create a fashion masterpiece, or make you want to cringe away at how disastrous it looks. 

Wears it Well
Right - French Fashionista, Marion Cotillard brightens up what could potentially have been a dreary outfit. With the tangerine bodice nipped in at the waist and the statement blood-orange shoes/clutch, her 50's look was a hit on the red carpet at The Dark Knight premiere. The bold choice of colour both below and above the skirt complements the outfit perfectly. 
Left - Although she has tied the statement, tailored jacket from Stella McCartney with the very obvious choice of all-black, silk jumpsuit, she pulls it off in a very different way to Marion. With the tough, leather Giuseppe Zanotti lace-up ankle boots, her took has an urban, rock and roll edge - a total contrast to Marion.

Wears it Wrong
Left - I think Gwyneth was on the right lines with this outfit but has just made some terrible mistakes. The a-line houndstooth coat is very much plain, so she's opted for the heeled peep-toe ankle-boots. By doing this she has averted the eyes away from anywhere else, making the combo look incredibly clashy. Plus I despise peep-toe. She should have tied this it a chunky statement necklace or gone for heeled nude cat-point shoes.
Right - I'm afraid this outfit just makes me cringe in every way possible. Beyonce wore a Houndstooth Alexander McQueen Jacket and Yves St. Laurent Tribute Too Pump in Patent Leather. The heavy shoulder straps make her appear 'frumpy'. I'm also unsure about the red satin lips. Everything about this outfit just doesn't work, on her or at all. With the open top showing unneeded amounts of cleavage, I think she should have worn statement heels instead of the lips.

I thought I would share with you some of my favourite high-street items that could aid your houndstooth needs.

£42.00 - Topshop

Missguided - £19.99

£14.99 - New Look
Scarf featured in my November Favourites!

Thanks for reading this. I hope you enjoyed this style of post!

All My Love


My Little Box - By Fleur De Force

Hello Lovelies!

This month, the My Little Box Company kindly sent me December's issue, designed by Fleur De Force - a huge inspiration of mine.

My Little Box is a subscription company that sends you a box every month worth over £65. Its a big like a girlie version of LootCrate. Inside your little box each month there is;

- Must-have beauty products (including one from 

 in-house beauty range, My Little Beauty) 

- Fashion and lifestyle accessories 

- Company magazine (My Little World) 

- Illustrated goodies by Kanako 
- And other surprises… 

Partnering with brands such as benefit, Dove, The Body Shop, Estee Lauder and much more, you can guarantee this is worth your money!

 According to my little cousin Bee, this is supposed to be me on the front!

There was so much to say about what was inside this box that I thought is would be better to just show you. But just to list...
 - Latest edition of My Little World
 - Illustration by Kanako 
- Beautiful card gift tags with quotes, illustrations and patterns
- Cowshed invigorating body lotion
- Monochrome twine
- 10 sheets of patterned masking tape
- Quote drawstring bag
- My Little Beauty Rouge A Levres Lipstick
- L'Occitane Precious Cream
- Black with gold detailing woven headband

I will let you know what I think of the beauty products once I've had a good test of them. I cant wait to try them!

I loved this box because it really did have a bit of everything. With a very festive essence, the gift tags, twine and masking tape came in very useful. The pastel patterns were very retro and set aside from the usual festive colours.

Thanks to My Little Box for sending me this and to Fleur for designing such a perfect box!

Look out for more from My Little Box.

All My Love

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