The Best Of October

Hello Lovelies!

Halfway through November? Time flies! Lets rewind a couple of weeks back to October.

October is my favourite month for many reasons and after being inspired by Louise SOG, I thought I would recap my favourite moments of the month. 

Not only was it my birthday, but it introduced Autumn - my favourite season. This means movie nights in under blankets with endless cups of hot chocolate, brisk walks, dark lipsticks, crunchy leaves and lots of baking.

 Loggerheads Country Park
Had a lovely day here. Although chilly, I braved the icy waters of the river and i must say, I did enjoy myself.
Coat - Zara
Top - Topshop

Kensington, London & Herbs On The Hill, Frome
 Swapping London city life for the quaint village shops of Frome.

A few pictures from over October.
1- Just after a brisk walk
Coat - Selfriges
Humble Oak Patent Brouges - Clarke's, £60
2 - Birthday Meal. 
Wish I could link you to this dress but its one of a kind from a vintage shop. If you search online I'm sure you can find a similar one.
3 - "No Makeup Selfie" for cancer research.
Thinking of doing a post on how to have healthy skin to promote no-makeup days, something which I think we all need.

Halloween lasted a long time for me this year; certainly not something to complain about! I went as Red Riding Hood this year. Jack was the... ware-bear...

SNOG Yogurt
The Bucklows introduced me to SNOG yogurt on London Southbank. Perfect healthy,  low-fat snack with a pop of excitement that you must taste for yourself. I wrote a post all about it so you can check that out HERE.

Ed Sheeran X Tour
An excruciating 9 hour wait later, I was very front row out of 16,000 people to see Ed Sheeran on this X tour. Words can not decribe this night, so I hope this photo of the stadium behind me will speak words I cannot.

HOBY Scouts
During October there was the newest installment of HOBY UK, Scouts Edition. This is an organisation targeting the empowerment and leadership of youth so they can excell. This photo features me and fellow staff members, plus the delegates and the completely bonkers Alim from the FixUpTeam.

So here of a few moments from October. Please +1, comment below or let me know on one of my social links below if you liked this style of post.

Hope your October was as amazing as mine!

All My Love

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SNOG Yoghurt

Hello Lovelies!

When I was back in London, the Bucklows introduced to to SNOG. Yes, I thought the same thing too! Fresh, quirky and new; SNOG yogurt is the new approach to ice cream by the Thames. You can choose from a range of yogurt flavours, toppings consisting of fresh fruit and chocolatey goodness, and to finish it off, some scrumptious sauce. 

"Fancy a Snog? We make our Snogs with fresh, organic yogurt; a blank canvas ready to be topped with delicious, handpicked ingredients of your choosing."

Snog is a delicious premium frozen yogurt. It lacks fat, shuns sugar and has hardly any calories. Served with fresh seasonal fruit, it’s a healthy treat all year round. 

Snog is made using fresh non-fat organic yogurt with probiotics and organic skimmed milk. It’s high in calcium and protein and the added fruit can help make it part of your 5 a day. It’s naturally sweetened with organic Agave nectar making it low GI too. Its perfect for a healthy pits-stop on your lunchtime!

Sitting by the Thames on the top of a bright pink bus eating frozen yogurt was not what I expected when I got up that morning. Though, as crazy as it first seemed, I think this could be something that could really set off!

All My Love

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Balance Me Radiance Face Oil Review

Hello Lovelies!

Today I thought I would talk about some products that Balance Me kindly sent me a couple of months back. These photo's were taken then, hense vibrant green garden, but I've had a chance to fully use them and share with you my thoughts.

Balance Me uses innovative naturally active botanicals, hi-tech natural formulations and pure grade essential oils powerful botanicals to deliver a skincare range that offers the customer sophisticated textures and aromatherapy-inspired exquisite active aromas that can be used daily across all skin types. This allows me as someone with sensitive skin, to use their natural products care-free.

Retailing at £30.00 for 30ml, I think you definitely get your money's worth with this product. Reviewed highly by the Debehams Beauty Club, it doesn't disappoint. 

"...eight oil extracts including Amazonian buriti nut, camelia and rosehip oils to help reduce redness, address uneven skin tone and minimise the visible signs of ageing and scaring. We also added the healing blend of yarrow and benzoin (created by Balance Me’s Sian Jones), along with English chamomile, to create a super plumping and deeply soothing treatment."

Really love all of Balance Me's range and this in particular worked a treat. It completely hydrated my skin and evened out my tone. As the weather gets ever more bitter, this will be something that will protect and keep your skin healthy in the winter months! Check it out HERE!

Let me know if you've tried this or any other of Balance Me's products and what you thought of them!

All My Love


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