Tanya Burr's Healthy Green Smoothie - #GetGreenWithTanya

Hello Lovelies!

The gorgeous Tanya Burr recently uploaded a video of her Healthy Green Smoothie. After trying it out, I thought it would be brilliant to share with you!

After a week of drinking this I felt it did my skin no end of wonders. It evened and cleared up my skin ass well as tasting super yummy!

The ingredients you need are:
1 Banana
1/3 Cucumber
1 Celery
Handful of spinach
Handful of Pineapple
Coconut Water
Inch Of Ginger

Cut up all your ingredients so they blend easier and add them to your blender (liquidizers work too!). When doing the ginger, peel and grate about an inch.

Blend until it is a smooth consistency. Then add coconut water and blend more until you have the consistency that you enjoy drinking. I prefer mine thinner whereas I know a lot like smoothies thick.

Serve up with some ice and fresh fruit and you have a delicious smoothie. I love this a replacement for breakfast or as well as a chicken salad for lunch. 

Comment below if you've tried this out or what your favourite healthy smoothie is to make. 

All My Love

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A Walk, A Talk & A Bite To Eat...

Hello Lovelies,

A while ago, me and my lovely friend Jade decided to take a stroll through some of my favourite woodland areas right next to my house. I find walking good for the soul! It helps me to clear my head of worries and stress and help me to think. Also, I've been trying to keep up with my new years resolutions. But who wouldn't love a lovely walk beside a stream in a forest full of the wonders of nature? 

  Only looking back at the pictures now do I realise how dull my outfit choice was that day. But who can refuse that snug warm coat?

Its such a lovely sight to see flowers blooming. I love daffodils as they seem to bloom and last even in the coldest of times. They line the grass verges of where I live, brightening everywhere. 

Later on, we decided to stop at a lovely local pub for a bite to eat and a refreshing drink. Do excuse my windswept hair and complete lack of make-up. Scary, I know!

 Jade didn't know I took this picture. She never fails to look perfect. Damn you. 

What I'm wearing:
Black Coat - Zara, £50
Collared Jumper Dress - George, £20
Black Converse

Times like these mean so much to me. Its a time for me to step away from the stresses and worries of everyday life that surrounds everyday life, and spend time with people that mean so much to me. Its good to break yourself away every now and then, it cleanses the soul!

Let me know what you do when you take time out! Have a lovely week!

All My Love

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