How To Make Honeycomb - 3 Step Recipe

Hello Lovelies!

I haven't done a baking blog post in a while so I thought I'd share with you a really easy recipe for honeycomb. Using 3 simple ingredients every baker should have in their cupboard, you will have honeycomb in a matter of minuets. 

On another note before we begin, I'd like to say a huge thanks to my little cousin Bee for helping me out when making this recipie!

Firstly you need to make the honeycomb. For that you will need:

1. Put the sugar and syrup into a saucepan and mix together. Do not stir whilst on heat. 

 2. Turn on the heat and leave to melt. Bring it to the boil and once it is ready it will turn a dark maple syrup colour. This will take around 3 minuets. Take off the heat and whisk in the Bicarbonate Of Soda. Watch it turn into a cloud of pale gold. 

3. Pour this out immediately onto a sheet of grease proof paper and leave to cool. Once cooled and hardened you can crack the honey comb into shards and enjoy them as treats or use them in other recipes. Check out the pictures below.

Next week I am going to share with you a really easy recipe for White Chocolate and Honeycomb Cookies which are to die for so look out for that! 

All My Love

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P.S - Just how yummy does it look!


Motivational Mondays #4

Hello Lovelies,

This week I thought you could do something that could not only help you motivate yourself but others too. I've noticed on my travels this week that people don't really smile. I think we are often so caught up in our own problems and worries we forget to smile. A smile can not only change your mood but someone else's. They are so contagious. 

It takes more muscles in your body for you to frown than it does to smile. Plus its proven to to reduce stress. 

Its such a simple thing. Just think, one smile could change someones outlook on the day.

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So smile more.

All My Love

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Maybelline Baby Lips Review

Hello Lovelies!

I hope your week has gone well. 

Following the hype over the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms, I thought I would better fill you in on my thoughts. I bought the Cherry Me lip balm. 

These have been hyped over for so long I just had the try it out. Firstly I thought the colour of this one was just beautiful. Cherry is my favourite colour for the transition from Winter to Spring and I definitely needed something bright in this dismal weather. The colour isn't as strong as that of a lipstick but it does add a subtle tint which I think is perfect for everyday.

On the packaging it says "Hydrates for up to 8 hours". Now, I didn't believe this at first. I mean c'mon, that seems far too good to be true! But after trying it out for a week wearing it near enough every day and braving all sorts of weather. So dare I say it, I hold my hands up to this product. I think its actually a must have for your makeup bag. 

I'm never usually follow a hype and usually prefer to stray from the crowd but I really like this brand of products and will definitely be trying the other products in the collection.

Colour strength: 2/5
Hydration: 4/5

Have you tried this product or any of the others? Let me know what you think!

All My Love

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Lush Favourites - Valentines Collection 2014

Hello Lovelies!

Another year, another Valentines Day. The Italian city of Verona, where Shakespeare's lovers Romeo and Juliet lived, received about 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet every Valentines Day. But sadly, we can't all be as popular as Juliet an get a whopping 1,000 letters a year, so we shall have to make to with a little bit of Lush pampering. It doesn't matter if you are planning on spending the evening with the object of your affection or having a lovely pampering session with a friend or two, Lush have lots of beautiful products that could satisfy your needs.

Now, sadly I haven't bought the whole Lush Valentines Day Collection because sadly my pocket just couldn't stretch that far after the Lush spree I had at Christmas, so I've chosen 3 products that top the rest!

Prince Charming Shower Gel
£4.65 (100g)
Oh boy does this tickle your taste buds! That's right, I said taste buds! It smells good enough to eat. I usually go for more floral scents but this definitely is worth a try. When i smelt it in the shop I had second thoughts as it seemed far to over-powering. But once lathered up on my skin, it was subtle and delicious. It is supposed to smell of Marshmallow Root, Vanilla and Pomegranate juice. However, the marshmallow definitely overpowered the other scents.
I like this product but its not really my kind of thing so it's not something I would buy again.

Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb
£3.25 each
This is my all time favorite product from Lush. I simply cannot rave enough about it. Its not actually part of the Lush Valentines Day collection (although it is featured in some of the gift boxes) however I just had to tell you about it. The scents of Orris Root Powder, Rose and Lemon are all delicately balanced to make the ultimate love potion. Each bath bomb has 7 rosebuds inside that float around your bath when you put it in. Therefore, not only smelling great but visually pleasing too! I think this is a must-have if your buying for yourself, a friend or a lover.

Love Locket Bath Bomb
£6.95 each
The exclusive bath bomb this year was the pink and yellow 'Love Locket'. This product is absolutely HUGE compared to other bath bombs.  Inside it contains another bath bomb which you are supposed to use separately, I think. I like this product because it was exciting to see what it was like inside and the the little treats hidden, but thought the smell was rather weak. 

I hope you have a wonderful valentines day whatever you have planned, I'm going on an Ikea Date - don't ask, haha!

Comment below on what you think of these products and what your favourite Lush Valentines Day favourites are - past or present! And don't forget to check out the whole Valentines Day collection 2014!

All My Love
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