Motivational Mondays #3

Hello My Lovelies!

So here we are, week 3 of Motivational Mondays. I thought long and hard about what I would write about this week.

I often find we loose confidence in our selves because we spend a lot of time trying to please others; I know I do! Women - mothers especially - make so much time for everyone else, you forget to make time for yourself. 

This week I broke my diet and had a McDonald's, I was late putting a blog post up, I fell over 7 times in one day (Yes... I'm clumsy), I let someones harsh words get to me, plus many other things. But this week I also, played with my little brother, sang with my friends, cuddled with my soulmate, gave kisses to my pet hedgehog, lost 4lbs, I smiled, people told me they loved me.  What I'm trying to say is that when you focus on all the times you've done wrong, messed up or missed out, you can't fully see all the things you have excelled at, been brilliant in or cared about. The good will always out way the bad, just we tend to not see it yourself.

This week I want you to love yourself. We tend to dwell on the negative. Whether its your features, something you missed out on, or a mistake you made. There are so many things to be proud of yourself for. 

A great man named Cliff one told me to tell myself I was amazing. Now, to me that seemed like an odd thought. Never the less, his words were life saving. When you get up in the morning, instead of looking in the mirror and thinking "Eugh, look at that spot!" or "The black circles under my eyes seem to be getting worse and worse!", I want you to tell yourself you are amazing. I want you to whisper to yourself in the mirror "I am amazing!". As the week goes on I  want you to grow louder until you're declaring that yes you are amazing an no one will put you down this week, because you are.

Remember that!

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All My Love,


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Hair Accessories From Buttons&Bows

Hello My Lovelies!

Today, I thought I would share a secret... I have an obsession for hair accessories. But with having long and thick hair I find it hard to find hair accessories that not only look great, but actually stay in my hair too!

I would like to share with you Buttons & Bows. The hand-crafted hair accessories are made by a lovely woman called Jordan. The products are made from gorgeous vintage-style recycled fabrics. She makes a range of products; primarily hair bows. Her other products include
- Flower Hair Clips
- Dummy Clips

After meeting her at a fate and buying one of her Hair Bows, I contacted her and she kindly sent me a few to try out. She sent me 6 which I thought I would share with you! The products are made from gorgeous vintage-style recycled fabrics.On the back they have crocodile clips for fastening. 
The prices are:
Small - £1.50
Medium - £2.50
Large - £3.50

1. Green Floral Bow - £2.50 (medium)

 2. White Lace Bow w/ "I love handmade" embellishments - £3(large)

3. Off White Floral Bow - £2.50 (medium)

4. Red Velvet Bow With Owl Embellishments - £2.50 (medium) 

 5. White Lace Bow With Leopard Print Embellishments - £3.00 (Large)

 6. Cream Lace Bow With Zebra Print Embellishments - £3.00 (large)

What I really love about this is that they actually stay in your hair. I have very long and thick hair, meaning I usually have to re-adjust every 5 minuets because the accessory is slipping out of my hair. My personal favorites were 1, 2, and 3. These were a personal choice because I felt they suited my 'vintage' style better. They are such a good price compared to other accessories shops such as Claire's or AccessorizeOver all I give Buttons & Bows 5/5 for quality. 

If you'd like to look at some other products you can contact Jordan via the Buttons & Bows website (which I will link below) for any more information, or to find out where she will be selling her products next.

Buttons & Bows Website
I hope you have a lovely week and look forward to Motivational Monday #3. 

All My Love


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Motivational Monday #2

Hello My Lovelies!

As the end of January draws near, I tend to loose my (already pathetic) willpower to carry on with my New Years Resolutions. Its around this time that I'd probably give up and feel rather sorry for myself that I've not succeeded this year, much like other years and not much surprise to others.

But, never the less, I am willing to prove them all wrong - and so are you! This week my theme is 'Never Give Up'. So I want you to stick it out and find something that motivates you to carry on.

Never Give Up

Have a think about a goal or aim you have at the moment. It doesn't have to be a New Years Resolution as I know that's not everyone's cup of tea. But just something you're trying to do/not do right in your life. 

Set a goal for the end of week and try a little harder every day. Then when Sunday comes around, take a moment to assess yourself. I want you to think of all the positives that come out of you sticking by this goal. Then, think of how you can improve and you can carry on the following week. 

My goal for this week is to continue with my diet. I am craving a Bueno chocolate bar SO bad or some McDonalds chips but I'm going to stay strong. I don't want to let myself down because I know I can do it.

Last week, I talked about taking chances. So If you'd like to be inspired to try something new or know more about why I started Motivational Mondays click HERE

Also, I would love it so much if you would comment letting me know what goal you want to achieve/try harder at this week? Also I would love to know if you're enjoying Motivational Mondays!

Good look with your goals!

All My Love


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Motivational Monday #1

Hello my lovelies!

So here we are! Its 2014 and we made it! I hope all is going really well and the new year is treating you well so far.

One my New Years Resolutions (which you can view HERE) was to be more positive. But not only do I want to be motivated, but I want you to be too! I know Mondays can be stressful. The hectic start to a new week can put you on a downer that lasts the whole of the week. So starting today i'm going to run a little series called Motivational Mondays, where I aim to inspire/cheer you up/make you feel positive about the coming week. 

This week I want you to try something new. We often hinder our actions or words to save ourselves from heartbreak or embarrassment or failure; but we shouldn't. I think life is too short not to take those chances.

This great quote from the amazing motivational speaker, Leslie Brown, says it all. 

I want you to gather up all your courage and go for it. Whether it's trying that new statement red lipstick you've been dying to put on, applying for that job, or telling that special person how much they really mean to you. 

This is a new year and we should try new things, so for this week I want you to take a chance. You have the support of me. Try something new! Hey, you might even surprise yourself! 
My fingers are crossed for you!

All My Love

2014 New Years Resolutions

Hello My Lovelies!

Happy New Year! The 1st January 2014 is here and I think its apt to look back on 2013 and make goals for the coming 365 days.

Now, I have never made New Years Resolutions before because I know that it's just a waste of time and that I won't stick to them so I never bother. But that's not a great attitude to have so I think it's about time I got my ass into gear.

These New Years Resolutions are personal to me, but behind them are some good values that I think we could all do with thinking about in the new year.

My first New Years Resolution is to experience the outdoors. Now that doesn't mean that I'm going to start sailing down the Amazon or jumping out of a plane (though however I'd love to do those things but I think I shall save those for another list!) but I feel that I spend too much time indoors and although I do love snuggling on my sofa with a hot chocolate I do love being outside. So want to make sure I go for more walks. Preferably at sunset; who doesn't love dusk? Plus I could burn of some calories!
Some summer walks with my little cousins. I'm pushing Edward in a wheelbarrow while Bee is carrying our picnic blanket. 

And that brings me to my second. I am not happy with my body. Now I know that everyone has faults about themselves that they don't like, but its been recently been getting me down. And problems don't fix themselves. Therefore, I want to spent more time at the gym.

I feel that because I've had a lot of things going on I'm my life recently, I've let family time slip, especially with my little brother. So I'm making it my 3rd New Years Resolution to make more time for him and take him out places he wants to go.

This year I really want to start managing my money well. I never fritter it away but I am rubbish at saving. I want to save for some new furniture and bits and bobs to decorate my home. Also, it would be nice to have a little saved to treat myself now and again!

Be more positive! I worry a lot and worrying really gets you nowhere. I want to wake up and instead of thinking "Eugh, what tasks have I got to face today?" I want to find positives in things I'm not keen on and think "Just a couple of things and then I'm free to do what I wish!"

Take more photo's. I think preserving those special memories with a photograph is so important. I fear that I'll forget things so I may have to carry my camera around with me religiously!

So there you have it! My 2014 New Years Resolutions! I'd love to know what yours are!

I wish you all the very best for the coming year and I hope my blog continues to grow and find its little niche in the blogging world!

All My Love
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