Spring Home Touches

Hello Lovelies!

The sun is out, the daffodils are blooming, the G&T's are clinking... it must be spring! The season brings a multitude of excitement as everything feels so new and fresh; the promise of new beginnings.

I've been away from here for a while. I wasn't happy with the content I was creating and I guess I needed to take a step back and find my niche again. In such a saturated industry it's hard to feel confident going against the grain when everyone around you demands the norm. But I realised the best content I could put out was what I like both to create and consume.

My life has changed a lot since this time last year and I feel so ready to move forward. Sometimes you have to accept when things are holding you back (more on that soon!) and just let go. So that's what I'm doing... letting go.

That said, I wanted to bring those feelings into my home by sprucing up a few areas. I think it's paramount to have your space the best it can be. It's not '60 Minute Makeover' (although I do love that show) and you don't have to be some middle-aged menopausal divorcee to want a change-up. It's more about 'fresh space = fresh mindset'.
My home is my safe haven; where I feel most comfortable. Utilise it.

Its a pineapple cup with a spiky succulent plant in it to look like the leaves. Genius I know.

Also started growing some herbs indoors. I feel like a domestic goddess.

This isn't anything special (if I'm honest I just bought a few new cushions, candles and plants) and it's definitely not a how-to. I just thought I would share in the hope that some of you might be inspired to do the same. Plus, I would be interested to know how you rejuvenate your creative juices or update your personal space.

Glad to be back.

All My Love


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