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Hello Lovelies!

So today's Motivational Monday is a little different! Some of you may or may not know about the new campaign that Venus have launched called the #UseYourAnd Campaign.

Something that I have touched on before are labels. So many of us limit ourselves capabilities are. We let certain things define us as a whole instead of letting it flourish as only one of many parts of us.

One-dimensional labels limit our potential. 

The #UseYourAnd Campaign is all about making sure every part of you is known. That you are not confined by a label. 

We are so often told when we are young "You can be whatever you want to be" but soon enough, that comes along with "if's" and "but's". We are defined by how others see us, how people want us to be, and how society expects us to live.

For example, I am a blogger AND a student AND a volunteer AND a sister AND a girlfriend AND a daughter AND a photographer AND a writer AND a dancer AND an activist AND a best friend AND a mug collector AND a disney-holic AND I write music, and so much more!

I am a lot things and am proud to be all of those things! I don't need to be one thing or hide away all my talents, interests, hobbies or weird little habits! Being proud of who you are isn't 'bragging' or 'showing off'. It is being confident in who you are and not letting yourself be defined by what other people call you!

Venus did a study and found that British women feel stereotyped more than any other nation. But its not just women (although the campaign focuses on this gender) I know that men can so often believe that they have to act a certain way, or be someone because thats how society expects them to be.

We all have so many 'ands' and sides of us that are vibrant and passionate. Why should they be held back by a wall that society builds of labels?

Take a stand. Use your AND.

I would really love to know all your 'ands' down below, or via my twitter link! Remember you are so much more than what society labels you to be, and let the world know how special every side of you is!

All My Love

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