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Exciting news! Benefit are launching their brand new Roller Lash Mascara

Roller Lash is a revolutionary new super curling and lifting mascara which has been in development for four-years! It’s perfect for those of you with short or straight lashes and who struggle to find that perfect daytime mascara. 

I simply adore Benefit, and when they announced this I couldn't wait. But I feel this wasn't anything I hope it to be.

As I said, with a lengthening formulae, its perfect for short straight lashes - neither of which I have. Apart from making my lashes appear jet black, I wasn't that impressed.

I'm also not the biggest fan of plastic applicators. The Roller Lash is meant to be similar to the Benefit number one selling mascara They're Real
But their new design Hook ‘n’ Roll™ brush with custom-designed hooks to help catch, lift and curl the lashes. It is styled like Velcro hair rollers and the flexible wand has small rubber hooks, which gently grab your lashes and curls them as you go. I've only used curling lashes a few times in my life, but it will make it a lot faster for people who rely on lash curlers.  So I didn't really see that much of difference. The lift it did provide did last throughout the day - maybe even the whopping 12 hours it promotes! 

However, paired with a ink-black, lightweight formula my lashes felt weightless! Usually having long, thick lashes, the addition of mascara makes them feel heavy and just too much. But with this, it was a pleasure to wear. My lashes felt free and I enjoyed the build-able potential.

With it's worldwide release only a few days ago, let me know if you plan on getting it or what you think down below. Also let me know what your favourite mascaras are!

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