Motivational Mondays #6

Hello Lovelies!

Recently, I suffered a blow after trying to help a stranger. Offering a helping hand and someone to talk to, I thought I was doing a kind, helpful and generous act. As time went on, things became uncomfortable, and I felt like my consoling hand was being taken as a sly maneuver to gain trust. The assumptions of the person to question were ridiculous and frankly hurtful, especially after having such good intentions. 

After taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, I realised that if this person didn't want my help (however much I thought they needed it) then they didnt deserve it. I also found that being a very empathetic person, their troubles were also troubling my mind which was unhealthy for me and the people around me. The nasty words and accusations made me realise that my unconditional help had been wasted.

This kick-started thoughts of what other things/people that I had willingly taken on as my own problems, were depressing me. 

Surround yourself with what makes you happy.

The people making me feel like this did not need to be in my life, and they don't need to be in yours either! It's cliche, but life is far too short to fill it with people that don't make you want to kiss in the rain, or dance to Disney songs with. 

I still stand by my goals for helping others. My point is that if that help is being marred and tainted and is hurting you in the process, then its not help at all.

One of the things that make me happy is my little brother, Michael. Young and carefree, he inspires me to change the world and work with youth. Suffering from many disabilities, he often feels like he wont achieve much. My job is to guide and motivate him to achieve those dreams. I live him with every ounce of my being and I'm so glad I have this little monkey in my life - cheesy I know!
Also, how good does my trifle look? Mmmm...

What I want to know is; What makes you happy? How do you get rid of your demons? What makes you strive to be better?

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Lush Toner Review - Eau Roma Water

Hello Lovelies!

On my weekly trip to Lush, instead of picking up my essentials and must-have's, I decided to be outrageously daring and to purchase something new. On my hunt round the shop, I spotted the toning waters; I haven't tried these yet! There were a few different ones but I decided to go with Eau Roma Water.

With rose water to calm and sooth, and lavender water to hydrate, my skin just felt divine! With a subtle perfume, it felt luxurious to apply. I applied it by spritzing some onto my skin and massaging it in with a cotton pad. 

Coming from someone who has incredibly sensitive skin, this worked a treat! It certainly helps to calm the skin but I'm not so sure about reducing redness. However, I do have rosy cheeks. I also found it was really good to use as a cleanser; perfect for sensitive skin types!

I purchased the 100g bottle for £3.95. I've still got so much left but when I do run out, I'll definitely be purchasing the 250g bottle (£7.50).

I personally think Lush prices are always incredibly reasonable and affordable. This product works just as well as higher end products - if not better!

Price - 5/5
Application -4/5
Purpose - 4/5
Re-Purchase? - Yes!

I hope you all have a lovely week! Comment below if you've bought this product and what you thought. Do let me know how you get on by checking out all that social media stuff!

All My Love

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